RCI Optics - Pump House
RCI Optics - Pump House
RCI Optics - Pump House

RCI Optics - Pump House

RCI Optics - Pump House

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Ballista 2.0 (Leviathan Series Only) is a specially designed material that is a high end ballistic graded frame material that was developed to work alongside the Helius 780 or Helius L25 RCT High Impact Polarized Lens system to pass the MIL-STD 662 ballistics fragmentation test for tactical eyewear.

The RCI Optics lens technology utilizes our proprietary Helius™ advanced polymer that is up to six times denser than polycarbonate or other lens materials. Our Leviathan Series™ sunglasses made with our Ballista 2.0 frame material coupled with our Helius H780 or L25 lenses passes both ANSI Z87-1 and MIL-STD 662 ballistics fragmentation test.

The Leviathans are the pinnacle of eyewear technology. Imagine a product that can deliver ultimate clarity and polarization without compromising function and durability. Imagine a lens that can withstand a T-37 projectile (.15 Caliber Shaped Round) at 650 FPS and Side impacts exceeding 165 FPS while offering high-quality optics, watersheds, anti- static, oleophobic treatments with a mass density that is 6 times greater than traditional polycarbonate

The RCI Optics lens also blocks 100% of the harmful UVA, UVB and UVC. The (HEV) High Energy Visible or Blue Light is dramatically reduced by 95% on our H780 lenses and 88% on our L25 lens system.  These lens systems are the ultimate in sun optics bringing the brilliant colors of the Right Coast to life for an unmatched visual experience.

Helius 780 or H780 IR (Infrared Reducing) lens technology.
This lens system is by far the most advance offering to date in all market segments. Light is part of the electromagnetic radiation in which the visible light that the human eye can observe range between 390 and 700 nanometers. Ultra violet radiation that has been known to cause eye disease stops at the 400 nm or nanometer scale.
Most polarized eyewear protects you from these harmful UV radiations but there is another that has never been addressed. Infrared rays lie beyond the red end of the visible spectrum, with wavelengths between 780 and 10.000 nm. They can be a potential hazard since they produce heat, therefore raising the overall temperature of the anterior eye and finally doing damage to it, especially the crystalline lens and the retina.

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