French Quill DIY Kit - Red Rust
French Quill DIY Kit - Red Rust
French Quill DIY Kit - Red Rust

French Quill DIY Kit - Red Rust

French Quill DIY Kit - Red Rust

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Kit includes:

  • 1 pack of red ringneck pheasant tail feathers
  • 1 pack of mahogany turkey biot quills
  • 1 pack of uv rust ice dub
  • 1 pack of red krystal flash
  • 1 spool of red UNI-soft wire
  • 1 spool red Danville 70 denier thread 

**Hooks & tungsten beads not included**

Recommended hooks: Umpqua XC400BL in a #8 - #18. 

Step by step instructions: 

Step 1: Put Tungsten bead(*not included in kit*) onto hook. 


Step 2: Start by wrapping your thread back on the hook shank to where the hook starts to bend. 


Step 3: Trim 3-8 strands of your pheasant tail feather. 


Step 4: Tie them onto the top side of the hook. 


Step 5: Measure about an inch and a half of the wire. Pinch and rotate in a circular motion until the wire breaks. This leaves the edge less sharp than cutting it, and less likely to break your thread. Tie it in out the back like the pheasant tail. 


Step 6: Trim 1-5 quills from that turkey biot. 


Step 7: Tie the quills in, and palmer forward to the bead. Try to keep these wraps tight together to leave as little thread showing as possible. Tie them off at the base of the bead. 


Step 8: Grab the wire and counter-wrap(the opposite way as the quills) to the bead. You want around 3-6 wraps around the quills. Tie off at the base of the bead and do the same pinch and twist to break that wire without leaving a sharp edge. 


Step 9: Grab a small pinch of ice dub and spin it around your thread. Wrap around the hook shank a few times to cover up that thread bump. 


Step 10: Trim as few or many strands of krystal flash as you want, each about a half inch long.  Tie an even amount of them in on each side of the hook. 


Step 11: Grab another small pinch of ice dub, spin around your thread, and wrap around the hook shank right behind the bead to cover up the thread bump. 


Step 12: Whip finish that thing!


Step 13: Trim the krystal flash to your desired length. Boom, you're all done!


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